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A unique website for consumers who barter

You have probably bartered for things before. You know, from things like baseball cards as a kid to the car you are now driving when you traded in your old one. But direct barter only works when you can find another party that has what you want and wants what you have and you can both agree that your items are of the same value.

Today’s barter industry has evolved into an electronic banking system very similar to your own checking account. The only difference is that you don’t deposit cash and you don’t withdraw cash. When you sell your item to another member you receive barter dollars in a barter account, which you then can spend with anybody else that also has a barter account. It’s a true cashless economy.


How It Works


Post your excess stuff on our Trading Floor

  • Other members are waiting to buy almost anything you want to sell with barter dollars
  • Earn $50 in barter dollars for every new member you refer

A variety of businesses offer their goods and services on a barter basis

  • Barter for restaurants, travel destinations, vacations
  • Barter for home improvement services, entertainment
  • Barter for health and beauty services, just about anything
Only $99 to join. Our site will process your payment upon activation. If you were referred to this website by a friend, save $50 right now by entering their account number in the PROMO CODE/REFFERED BY field.

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