Why Barter

BenYou probably have a lot of money tied up in stuff that you don’t need or use anymore. Rather than selling it for cash at a huge discount just to get rid of it, get full value by selling it at MyEQUITRADE.com and by receiving payment in barter dollars. Then spend those barter dollars for other items you need and offset cash that you were already planning to spend. Substituting barter for your cash expenses leaves your hard earned cash in the bank and improves your overall cash flow.

Do you have a talent or skill that is marketable? Can you provide a service that would be of value to others? Do you have a beach house or cabin that is sitting vacant when it could be rented by the week? These are examples of excess capacity which could be earning you barter dollars in your MyEQUITRADE.com account. Put your idle time and assets to work and acquire the goods and services that you need and want to replace cash in your own spending.

It’s fun, it makes sense and in our current economy – it’s smart!