How It Works

How do I earn barter dollars at

Post your excess stuff for sale on our Trading Floor. Other members are waiting to buy your used car, boat, motorcycle, lake lot, timeshare, condo, used furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, piano, bicycle or almost anything that you want to sell with barter dollars. You can also market your personal services for barter dollars, like baby-sitting, dog walking, piano lessons or cake decorating. Items will sell quickly if you offer them at 100% barter. You may offer your items with a cash component as long as the cash portion does not exceed 50%. Pricing must be cash equivalent and must not be inflated in value. Equitrade will also charge a 7.5% cash transaction fee on any cash amounts received.

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What Can I Buy With Barter Dollars?

The barter community consists of a vast variety of businesses that offer their goods and services on a barter basis. You can frequently barter for restaurants, travel destinations, vacations, home improvement services, entertainment, health and beauty services, and just about anything else that you can think of. There is a whole world out there that does business without cash. Barter dollars in an account with is a way to keep track of your barter transactions. It’s like having a bank account that also helps you sell your stuff.

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Items that are typically NOT available with barter dollars are high demand products with very little markup like gasoline, groceries, new cars, new computers, and new electronics. Don’t expect to pay your mortgage, your bank note or your taxes with barter dollars. But, with the cash that you save by using barter for other purchases that you make, you can more easily afford the items that are difficult to obtain with barter.

What Does Cost?

logo graphiciconOnly $49 to join. Our website will process your payment upon activation.

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7.5% in cash charged to your credit or debit card when you spend your barter dollars based on the gross amount of your barter purchase. Compare this low cost to Ebay, which charges as much as 15% (when you consider the listing fee, final value fee and PayPal fee) and where you usually get pennies on the dollar for your valuable stuff. You only pay a 7.5% transaction fee when you spend your barter dollars and receive something of value in return. There is no cost to sell for barter at However, Equitrade charges a 7.5% cash transaction fee on any cash portion that you receive in a sale.