barter real estate

A New Market for Your Unwanted Real Estate

The real estate market has been hit hard in recent years. Tumbling property values and scarce financing for buyers has forced many sellers to reconsider their exit strategies and wait for a return to better economic times. But, some sellers don’t have the luxury of waiting. Circumstances have a way of forcing a sale even when it’s not the best timing. Finding a ready buyer to relieve a seller of an unwanted property without suffering a huge loss can be a challenge.

A new market of buyers is available for sellers who have unwanted real estate to sell. Through its extensive client base and bartering network,, a division of Equitrade International, Inc. can provide you with buyers who will pay full market value for your property with payment in the form of barter credits. The commercial barter industry has evolved over the past fifty years into an electronic banking system. Barter transactions between businesses today are accounted for in credits and debits, much like cash in a bank account. Businesses barter to fill their excess capacity, which remains unsold after their best efforts to attract cash customers. The commercial barter industry today is a $12 Billion industry and barter credits received as payment for goods and services can be spent among hundreds of thousands of businesses nationwide.

Payment in barter credits for your unwanted real estate may represent a full payment in the case of your property being clear of any debt, or it may represent the equity with the buyer assuming or refinancing your existing debt. It is also possible to structure a sale with a down payment in barter with bank or seller financing for the remaining portion. The amount of barter offered will determine the level of interest and how quickly a sale can be consummated. The offer to accept barter serves to attract buyers from a new market that have barter credits to invest.

Your proceeds in barter credits are deposited into a barter bank account with Equitrade which can then be spent for goods and services that are offered by thousands of businesses nationwide. Equitrade can provide you with the spending opportunities necessary to redeem your barter credits for travel, home improvements, dining, entertainment and a host of other available items. Using barter credits to offset cash in your purchasing allows you to save cash that you were already planning to spend, leaving that cash in your bank account.

Whether your need to sell is motivated by relocation, negative cash flow, pending foreclosure, divorce or even the need to dispose of unproductive vacant land, Equitrade can deliver buyers who are eager to purchase your property with a barter component. Using barter to obtain relief from debt, liquidate a partnership, or dispose of an otherwise idle asset can be a viable alternative to hanging on to an unproductive property. Equitrade can provide you with a ready buyer for your real estate, whether residential or commercial, and can solve your real estate problem quickly. For more information, please visit or call 800-572-7615.